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Happy Birthday cathblue7

May you be happy in the morning (and the afternoon, evening and night)!
Gearing up to post, but first, I leave you with this classic:

Setember 11, 2010


Wow, 9 years... I just wanted to go back again to my little table in the sky and reminisce..

Rest in Peace.....

Going in for hernia surgery early tomorrow. For some reason, I'm a little nervous. Oh well. Mostly about anesthesia.

I'll be off for at least 2 weeks, need it, work is stress, and I plan to write! Here!

Love you guys.........

Haooy Birthday to jazzyglo

What can I say, I'm a youtube kid.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLORIA!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxx

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Off to GR to finish up the apartment - wishes for not too much snow and for the Volvo to make it (there and back)!

Since I don't go on the highway, it will be a challenge, but we need the station wagon (as opposed to Tony's truck, which just seems like too much of a hassle.........

Hello, remember me?

Hi all, I hope to be back later, but I just wanted to say that things are going well, it's been a long and kinda rough 2 years, but I think I'm coming back. I miss LJ, and I miss writing about stuff, but it just seemed like such a task... It's like my attention span has taken a little trip.

I started a new plan because I was at the end of my rope, stress and lack of exercise made me really lose control of my weight, but as of today I have lost 17 pounds!